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Call Detail Records to Obtain Estimates of Forcibly Displaced Populations

D Pastor-Escuredo, A Imai, M Luengo-Oroz, D Macguire

Guide to Mobile Data Analytics in Refugee Scenarios, 29-52

Towards an understanding of refugee segregation, isolation, homophily and ultimately integration in Turkey using call detail records

J Boy, D Pastor-Escuredo, D Macguire, RM Jimenez, M Luengo-Oroz

Guide to Mobile Data Analytics in Refugee Scenarios, 141-164

Floods impact dynamics quantified from big data sources

D Pastor-Escuredo, Y Torres, M Martinez, PJ Zufiria

arXiv preprint arXiv:1804.091292018

Identifying seasonal mobility profiles from anonymized and aggregated mobile phone data. Application in food security.

PJ Zufiria, D Pastor-Escuredo, L Úbeda-Medina, MA Hernandez-Medina, ...

PloS one 13 (4), e0195714-e01957142018

A clinical method for mapping and quantifying blood stasis in the left ventricle

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Journal of biomechanics 49 (11), 2152-2161122016

Kinematic analysis of cell lineage reveals coherent and robust mechanical deformation patterns in zebrafish gastrulation

D Pastor-Escuredo, B Lombardot, T Savy, A Boyreau, JM Goicolea, ...

bioRxiv, 0543532016

Mobility profiles and calendars for food security and livelihoods analysis

P Zufiria, D Pastor-Escuredo, L Úbeda-Medina, M Hernández-Medina, ...

Actes du Challenge D4D, Netmob2015

Studying human behavior through the lens of mobile phones during floods

A Morales, D Pastor

International Conference on the Analysis of Mobile Data, NetMob32015

Methods for the analysis of multi-scale cell dynamics from fluorescence microscopy images

D Pastor Escuredo


Flooding through the lens of mobile phone activity

D Pastor-Escuredo, A Morales-Guzmán, Y Torres-Fernández, JM Bauer, ...

Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC), 2014 IEEE, 279-286222014

A benchmark for comparison of cell tracking algorithms

M Maška, V Ulman, D Svoboda, P Matula, P Matula, C Ederra, A Urbiola, ...

Bioinformatics 30 (11), 1609-16171562014

Noninvasive monitoring of serial changes in pulmonary vascular resistance and acute vasodilator testing using cardiac magnetic resonance

A García-Álvarez, L Fernández-Friera, JM García-Ruiz, M Nuño-Ayala, ...

Journal of the American College of Cardiology 62 (17), 1621-1631262013

Can Fires, Night Lights, and Mobile Phones reveal behavioral fingerprints useful for Development?

D Pastor-Escuredo, T Savy, MA Luengo-Oroz

D4D Challenge NetMob'13 …32013

$3 D+ t $ Morphological Processing: Applications to Embryogenesis Image Analysis

MA Luengo-Oroz, D Pastor-Escuredo, C Castro-Gonzalez, E Faure, ...

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 21 (8), 3518-3530182012

Spatio-temporal filtering with morphological operators for robust cell migration estimation in” in-vivo” images

D Pastor-Escuredo, MA Luengo-Oroz, L Duloquin, B Lombardot, ...

Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), 2012 9th IEEE International Symposium on, 1312-131542012

Methodology for reconstructing early zebrafish development from in vivo multiphoton microscopy

MA Luengo-Oroz, JL Rubio-Guivernau, E Faure, T Savy, L Duloquin, ...

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 21 (4), 2335-2340132012

Cell tracking in fluorescence images of embryogenesis processes with morphological

reconstruction by 4D-tubular structuring elements

D Pastor, MA Luengo-Oroz, B Lombardot, I Gonzalvez, L Duloquin, ...

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GeneReg: Integration of experimental data on the DNA transcription process

D Pastor, K Lemmens, A Cortés-Calabuig, K Marchal, M Denecker, ...

Proceedings of the 19th Belgian-Dutch Conference on Artificial Intelligence …22007

A Logic-Based Framework for Digital Signal Processing

D Pastor, Y Raimond, S Abdallah, M Sandler


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